Winter in Baja Day 4: Loud night, quiet day

San Ignacio //

I may be the only one in the campground that slept last night, or maybe the entire town for that matter. Though us travelers were actually trying to sleep, while the townspeople were not. 

Live music, amplified loud enough for the entire town to hear, began around 9pm and didn’t conclude until the wee hours of the morning, about 3:30am according to Mark and all the other travelers in the campground discussing their shared lack of sleep this morning. Add to that, church bells at 6am. 

The dogs though, they must have slept just fine because they were loving life, chasing each other around the campground from the moment the sun rose. Six, maybe seven of them, half of them locals, half of them international travelers (an American dog, a Canadian, a German) would run in and out of our camp every few minutes. I was in heaven, to say the least. 

We set out for our morning walk to unsurprisingly discover a very quiet and still town. The locals, I imagine, deep asleep after last night’s festivities. Except for one man, sweeping the town square with a giant palm frond.  We met new dogs and reconnected with familiar ones, one in particular tugging enough on my heart strings to cause me to later google “can I adopt a Mexican street dog”. One of these days, one of these dogs just might choose us and I’m not sure I’ll be able to say no. I figured I’d do my research ahead of time. 

Neither Mark nor myself had much of a desire to do anything on this lazy, quiet Sunday. With nowhere to be and nothing needing to get done we were finally allowed the opportunity to come down off of what has been a busy week, not to mention a wildly busy and chaotic year. 

So we each picked up a book and read…most of the day. Sprinkled throughout were conversations with fellow travelers. Never forced, always easy, usually memorable, I delight in meeting other road lifers. 

We made most of the last of the day’s light with a game of bocce ball and then returned to our books. The evening concert only that of frogs and crickets…hopefully it would stay that way. 

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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