Winter in Baja Day 43: Bonding with our fellow travelers

Rancho San Dionisio //

It’s 40 degrees this morning, by far the coldest morning we’ve experienced this winter.  (A far cry from the below freezing temps we used to endure this time of year in Colorado.). None of us guests on the ranch seem prepared for it and are all huddled around the outdoor kitchen with our hoods over our heads while we drink our coffee and tea.  Time somehow becomes suspended here and I easily fall in to conversation for hours on end.  The sun climbing higher and higher in to the sky my only indication of the passing of time.  

My day includes a hot shower while Mark does a load of laundry, two amenities not available here at San Dionisio last year and two huge perks that will make it that much harder to leave, whatever day that may be.  For a few hours mid-day Mark & I each quietly do our own thing until reengaging in conversation with our neighbors in the afternoon.  Chrissy, from Canada’s Yukon Territory is deep in planning mode for her adventure south on the Pan-American highway and I feed on her excitement and enthusiasm.  Clarence, the owner of the ranch, visibly lights up with a joyous grin while recalling his travels throughout Mexico and Central America, generously offering us tips and recommendations.  

This place has a way of attracting travelers from all over the world who love connecting with fellow travelers and sharing stories.  Topics like driving to South America are as common as people in the States talking about the latest football game.  The common thread among us all… a deep curiosity about life beyond the familiar.

Many guests depart today and lots of new folks arrive.  After dinner we sit at a table on the perimeter of the community area watching everyone mingle and cook and settle in to long conversations, many in languages we don’t understand.  Sometimes I love sitting back and just observing.  It allows me to take it all in, to really see the life I’m living.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe.  So I savor it any chance I can get.  

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This Baja California road atlas has been priceless.
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