Winter in Baja Day 45: Embracing routine

Rancho San Dionisio //

There are many things to love about Rancho San Dionisio but what I’ve loved most about the last four mornings has been the opportunity for routine.  We wake, drink our coffee and tea, do yoga, cook breakfast, wash our dishes in a real sink with running water, and even do some laundry.  Amenities such as toilets, a kitchen, hot showers, and laundry are as good as any five star resort in our opinion.  Heck, they even have composting bins and trash cans, we couldn’t ask for much more.

Once the heat of the day sets in, we take the trail down to the stream where sit for an hour or more admiring all of nature’s little nuances.  The longer we stare at the fresh water flowing gently between the boulders, the more little details we notice.  Patterns of mesmerizing light created by the air interacting with the surface of the water, tadpoles and the tiniest little fish swimming in small pools, and the most microscopic little worms we’ve ever seen.  Only when you slow down, to a near frozen state, can you truly appreciate how much life is all around you.  

Back at the ranch many travelers pack up and depart leaving us in the company of mostly Canadians and Europeans.  With little English being spoken, there are less opportunities to engage in conversation.  While, admittedly, I’m having a little bit of FOMO, I’m also embracing the opportunity to be the hermit that I love to be.  

With that, our internal batteries are fully recharged and we’re both feeling ready to return to the road tomorrow.  But leaving is still going to be hard to do.  This place has a truly unique essence to it that is unlike anywhere else.  I feel at home here…safe, comforted, welcome.  It’s a refuge for us road lifers and I’m so glad it exists.

Drone photos taken with the DJI Mini.
Land- based photos taken with the Canon R6.

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