Winter in Baja Day 49: Perfect weather

The East Cape //

Even though my cold rages on and I’m still entirely without a voice, I can’t deny that I’m still in paradise.  The breeze is subtle today transforming the waves from loud and turbulent and in to a calming melody.  A short walk down the beach opens my world back up beyond the very small four walls I’ve been living in and reveals for the first time since we arrived at this spot just how good of a campsite it really is.

The guys spend their day in and out of the water and back in again.  Josh surfing, Mark and Parker boogie-boarding, snorkeling.  This year in Baja has been quite a different experience from last year when our swim suits never saw the light of day.  We were layered in cold-weather gear more than we weren’t. Today I looked at Mark and realized he’s a color I’ve never seen him before.  He’s sun-kissed from head to toe.  A sign of success for two Coloradans determined to outrun winter.

Back in the camper, in my resting state, I drift off to another world while watching Toyota World Runners cinematic videos on You Tube documenting their travels through Central America.  Mark & I are deep in to crafting new dreams for where our little home on wheels might take us next and this afternoon’s entertainment takes my eagerness to see new and unfamiliar places to a whole new level.

During dinner we’re joined by a random puppy.  I have no idea where this dog came from but I can’t help but offer him food and water.  He’s without a collar and has the look of 10 different breeds that is signature of a Baja stray.  I quietly hope that he has a home though he sticks close by for the entirety of our dinner and clean up.  He disappears in to the night at the exact moment Mark wraps up chores and comes inside.  I imagine he’s off to the next camp to see what he can get, he seemed like a good little opportunist and I bet this is his evening routine.

I go to bed hoping he’s not back in the morning.  For years now I’ve said we won’t be adopting our next dog, our next dog will be adopting us.  And I know neither Mark nor I are quite ready to be met by that fate yet.

Tomorrow we’ll pack up and move on.  I’m not ready to leave, I’ve hardly had the chance to appreciate this particular place, but an unusual thing beckons…reservations.

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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