Winter in Baja Day 5: Travelers of all kinds

San Ignacio //

We decided to sit still one more day, this campground is too good not to. The only real downside is the hit our solar production is taking due to the towering palms we’re parked beneath.  No problem, we’ll adjust. This means turning Starlink off when we’re not using the internet and making meals that use propane appliances rather than electric ones. 

After breakfast, while doing the dishes at our camp table, I notice the vast differences between the camps on either side of us. To our left is an American riding his motorcycle around Baja for an undetermined amount of time. He sleeps in a tent and only carries the necessities. His guitar appears to be his one luxury item, which I admire and appreciate, a song here and there has added to the good vibes. 

To our right is a German family of three and their dog living in a Man truck that is practically the size of an American semi-truck. I can’t help but stare, the custom painted exterior a beautiful work of art. They shipped the truck from Germany to the states six months ago and are touring this side of the world indefinitely. 

There are many ways to live on the road and that fact is clearly illustrated by our neighbors. 

Our evening outing for dinner and a walk also serves as our daily Spanish lesson. Most locals we’ve met here know as much English as we know Spanish and we all enjoy meeting each other somewhere in the middle. The patience for our fumbling is remarkable, not to mention the warmth and kindness that we’re constantly met with. 

Come 8pm I’m sitting in the camper returning emails. Mark pokes his head inside and says “did you just hear the car go by blasting Christmas music?”. He goes on to add “That was the police. Their truck was even decorated with holiday lights.” That’s Baja in a nutshell, a delight through and through.  

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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  • Hi! Reading your posts brings back memories of me and my boyfriend driving down Baja for three months in a Toyota pickup in 1999. I look forward to seeing how it’s changed via your posts!

    You mention Starlink and I’m wondering if you use it to video call much, and how that performs for you? I work using video calls and am thinking of trying to use Starlink from the road starting in March. Thanks!


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