Winter in Baja Day 51: Attempting to domesticate

A casita in Los Barriles //

All I want upon waking is to be outside.  I make a cup of tea and sit on the rooftop deck of our rental and listen to the roosters crow.  After taking the time to watch the sun rise, I return indoors and we open every single blind and window helping us feel less constricted by the thick walls separating us from the outside world.  

Our back to back dentist appointments go smoothly and we’re relieved to have that chore behind us.  The husband and wife dentist duo who took care of us couldn’t have been kinder, even texting us in the afternoon to make sure we’re feeling okay.  

Back at our rental, with two more nights to spend here, we give domestication our best attempt.  The dining table is full of technology while we each work on our laptops, the washer and dryer run all day as we work through every washable item in our possession, and practically every item is put to use in the kitchen for prepping and preparing meals.  

At dusk, we take our dinner outside where we sit on the rooftop deck for hours talking and taking in our environment.  It’s Friday night and a humorously bad cover band can be heard from across town.  On the other side of town a mariachi band.  Between the two, a firework here and there.  It’s a lively town loved by many. 

Back indoors for the night we close every window and blind in hopes of drowning out the loud and varied Saturday night festivities.  I feel equally grateful for and confined by the walls that encase us.  The modern human in me feels comforted while my primal side feels suffocated.  That observation making me realize there are two parts of me with very different wants and needs. It’s a paradox I’ve never recognized before and intend to dissect further as I try to navigate the increasing complexities of living in our modern world.

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  • It’s great your getting so much needed things done! Before you know it you’ll be back on the road finding that new and awesome spot!

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