Winter in Baja Day 59: Evicted

A beach south of El Conejo //

This morning while walking down the beach we turned around to make our way back to camp to see three coyotes on the cliff directly above our truck staring down at it like overlords.  Mark had told me he’d seen tons of tracks and then spotted the entire pack moving swiftly across the beach at sunrise, and so there they were again, making their presence known.  There’s an ever so slight eerie feeling to this area and seeing that we were being watched added to the peculiarity.  

This place is otherwise exquisite.  The beach is expansive and framed by jagged cliffs.  It’s the kind of beach you could walk on for hours until the incoming tide warns you to seek higher ground.  At first glance this would be somewhere we’d easily stay for a week.  But the vibe is a bit weird and the bees, well the bees are fighting for ownership of our gear and have rendered our outdoor space unusable.  They were also fighting for their share of indoor space making it almost impossible to get in and out of the camper without letting at least one inside.  A few bees are no big deal but when dozens are attached to and/or swarming around your dishes, cookware, and water source, it makes simple tasks (like filling a water bottle or cooking a meal) pretty difficult.

It was an easy decision then to plan on packing up tomorrow and continuing our journey north.  I’m eager to see what we find and hopeful we’ll feel more welcome.

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  • Oh honey bees! How cool! I’d put a small plate of water out and away from your rig. They’ll likely go to it as they are thirsty. Might also attract the coyotes though. Safe travels!

    • Thanks so much for the suggestion. We gave it a shot and oh how I wish that would have worked. Once they sensed so much as a drop of water around our camp they were relentless. We tried really hard to keep camp completely free of fresh water but it was quite difficult.

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