Winter in Baja Day 61: Uber eats, Baja style

Mangroves north of San Carlos //

My favorite part of being camped around mangroves is the silence.  Especially after having spent a few days listening to the roar of the Pacific Ocean.  A few coyotes and some fish made their presence known but aside from that, complete and utter silence ushered us through the night and in to the morning.

In the span of that time the water rose 6’ and descended again.  It amazed me that so much water could come and go without us hearing any indication of such change.  The channel we’re camped beside is narrow and so the inflow and outflow of water is quite visible making it appear as though our planet is balanced precariously on a teeter toter. 

With these fluctuations, water activities must be timed just right.  As the tide lowers, sandbars are revealed and so getting inadvertently beached is a real possibility.  With this in mind, Josh, Mark & Hannah set out on our paddleboard boat while the tide is rising, giving them a few hours to explore before the water recedes to too shallow a level for boating.

A fishing boat launches this morning not far from our camp and returns in the afternoon.  For 200 pesos two gentlemen kindly oblige our request to sell us some of their fresh-caught fish.  Josh hands one of the men a bucket and he proceeds to toss in handfuls of fish faster than Josh can ask him to stop.  We walk back to camp with dinner in tow and Josh and Mark get to filleting what ends up being over 30 fish.  In a few hours time we’re eating tacos with Mark’s freshly made corn tortillas and fish that just came out of the ocean.  These are the experiences that can’t be planned, that make a trip like this rich and memorable, and are that much greater when shared with friends.  

The evening’s conversation centered around where we might want to head next.  We laughed at the fact that none of us have a clue at this point or seem too concerned about deciding.  All we know is that staying here another day sounds nice.  So we’ll do that, and figure out the rest when it needs figuring out.  

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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