Winter in Baja Day 63: Caught in a mind funk

Mangroves north of San Carlos -> The desert above Agua Verde //

Josh & Darci pack up and move on to the next spot this morning while we decide to stay, assuming we’ll see them again in a few days.  We remain committed to that decision no more than a half an hour after they depart.  The bugs are relentless and not having the refuge of Josh & Darci’s gazebo tent makes this spot not quite as desirable.  Problem is, Mark and I are both in a funk and could not feel more indecisive about where we want to go next.  It turns in to a day of making one decision at a time.

Do we want to stay here and deal with the bugs?
Okay, pack.
Now we’re driving down the highway.  What now?
We should probably eat something.
Okay, find food.

And so that’s how the day goes.

At our brunch spot we each can decipher about 60% of the menu written in Spanish.  Oddly, there are a handful of English words and so Mark goes with “Morning Bacon” thinking it’s going to be some type of breakfast sandwich.  I order an omelette.  When our food arrives, a rich and decadent dish is sat down in front of Mark.  It’s peanut butter and jelly stuffed French toast topped with bacon.  We laugh nervously knowing that a sugar high and crash is not going to help the overall mood of the day.  It was delicious though.

After brunch we work our way through the next tasks; get gas, groceries, and water.  Mark’s mood is hanging on by a thread but he still navigates the busy streets of Ciudad Constitucio´n with grace.  That leaves us with the biggest question of the day.  Where are we going?

We decide we’re both craving a place in the desert, though that’s the harder type of camp to find in Baja.  While there’s a lot of desert there’s not a lot of places to park in the desert.  We know of a roadside pull-off on a road that leads to a popular beach destination.  It’s an hour away and so we decide to head there.  I doubt it’s a spot anyone has ever sought out before but for us it reminds us of the desert Southwest in the States and because of that it makes us feel at home. 

And so this little pull-off in the middle of the desert that is hardly a destination works perfectly to ease our funk and provide us with a place to call home for the night.   Our moods didn’t get the best of us today, and for that, it feels like a win.

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