Winter in Baja Day 64: Desert dwellers

The desert above Agua Verde //

It felt really good to wake up in the desert.  So good that I immediately got to pondering what it is I want from our final weeks in Baja.  I’ve come to realize that lately I’m not feeling drawn to the ocean.  There’s a stillness and majesty to wild mountainous landscapes like where we are now that has always comforted me.  The ocean on the other hand oscillates greatly between peaceful and hectic, you never really know what you’re going to get.  

Camping on the beach is largely what you sign up for when coming to Baja however.  So this morning we brainstorm our options for the next few days.  The first option is to continue north on Highway 1 following the Sea of Cortez shoreline and passing many popular beaches along the way. We’ve stayed at several of those beaches and our lack of excitement in returning is revealing our desire to do something new.  Enter option number two.  Backtrack on Highway 1 about 45 minutes and then head north on Highway 53 to San Juanico, one of my most favorite Baja beaches.  From San Juanico take a dirt track 70(ish) miles through the middle of nowhere to San Ignacio Lagoon, thus bypassing 208 miles of busy Highway 1.

The dirt road has the potential to be a miserable, bumpy slog down miles upon miles of washboard.  But, we don’t know that for certain and we have an uncanny need for finding these things out for ourselves.  That along with the fact that it’s something new, a large section of Baja we haven’t seen.  You could call it a passion or an affliction, either way, when there’s an alternative way of getting somewhere that is remote and wild, we want to see it.  And I’m excited that Josh & Darci want to as well.  Oh how I loving having friends with similar curiosities. 

While we’ve chosen a direction to point the truck, we’re on no certain timeline.  So we spent the rest of the day enjoying the majesty of the desert.  And who knows, maybe we’ll stay tomorrow too.

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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