Winter in Baja Day 65: Cast in gold

The desert above Agua Verde  //

I’m going to just come right out and say it.  I’ve been hormonal these last few days and it’s been sucking the fun right out of our travels.  I’m old enough and wise enough to recognize that this is why I have no interest in life and that the feeling will pass in a few days time but it’s still a bummer.  So this morning, when I realize my apathy has passed, I’m relieved and excited to feel like myself again.  I sit in the sun, drink my tea, and feel grateful for making it through these last three weeks of illness (and now mood swings) with some grace all while living in a house the size of a walk-in closet.  Well, we did spend that one week in a vacation rental, that definitely helped.

It’s a long work day for Mark and a cooking and cleaning kind of day for me.  Once the sun begins to creep towards the horizon I pull Mark away from the computer to go for a walk.  It’s amazing how the hours blend together when living life through a screen all day and Mark looks weary from the hours spent researching and implementing various things for our business.  The beauty of this lifestyle however is how easy it is to step outside and into the great outdoors.  For us, that’s the most effective way to restore inner peace.

After a decompressing stroll our elongated shadows lead us back to camp where we watch the sun cast everything in gold before it disappears behind the mountains.  In the time it takes Mark to repair a tail light on the trailer and the outside light on our camper, the sky has turned to indigo and hundreds of stars are flickering on with every passing minute.  We retreat inside, convert our little space from work-mode to lounge-mode, and read our way to bedtime.

Photos taken with the Canon R6 and the 70-200mm 2.8 (a favorite lens of ours)

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  • Simply gorgeous and your words take me right there with you. Love that!! Thank you. Yes once you hit certain ages your body begins to do strange things. You just have to realize it , deal with it… and keep moving forward.

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