Winter in Baja Day 69: No man’s land part 2

A spit in the middle of nowhere -> San Ignacio //

A steady howling wind accompanies us throughout the night.  It comes as no surprise as we’re camped at the end of a three mile long spit with ocean surrounding us on three sides.  I don’t imagine anyone is going to want to hang out this morning.  When I step outside to ask Mark if we’re packing up, Josh, who is tucked in tightly against the wind-blocked side of our trailer, nods an emphatic yes.  We pack, eat breakfast in the form of rice cakes and peanut butter from the cab of the truck, and get on our way.  

The second half of our trek through the desert from San Juanico to San Ignacio lagoon is as desolate as the first half.  Expansive nothingness for as far as the eye can see.  I’m captivated by how untouched it all is and bookmark it in my mind for future camping.  

This long, lonely dirt road eventually leads to the town of Ejido Luis Echeverria, home of Kuyima Eco tours, a popular destination for whale watching tours in San Ignacio Lagoon.  Not long after our arrival we’re given a quick tour of our camping options.  It’s a busy place and our options aren’t that appealing to us.  Two years ago Mark & I got the whale tour of a lifetime, better than anything we could have dreamed of, and so we didn’t necessarily feel pulled to do another one.  Instead we felt the palm oasis of one of our favorite campgrounds in nearby San Ignacio luring us in.  After fish tacos at the resort’s restaurant, we got back on the road.

An hour or so later we arrived at Paraiso Misional.  Within minutes of setting up camp I was delighted to be standing beneath a hot shower, my first in 6 days.  We spent the afternoon reading beneath the palms.  At sunset we set out to find and love on some of our favorite San Ignacio street dogs.  A good meal and great company followed at Rancho Grande.  It was sheer coincidence that Noah, a Swiss traveler who’d walked in to the restaurant and couldn’t find a place to sit, was someone we’d met at this same place when we were all here two months prior.  We got to exchange stories over dinner before walking back to camp and our respective homes on wheels. This was the first place we were revisiting this winter and it felt awesome to be back.

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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  • I love the Osprey nest and the homemade road sign! The campground looked so lush and green compared to the long desolate stretch of desert you crossed. Enjoy your stay!

    • The trees and greenery were such a nice change of scenery. Though the wide open desert and salt flats were pretty cool.


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