Winter in Baja Day 7: Montezuma’s Revenge

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Bahia de Concepcion //

Montezuma’s revenge. I’ve heard of it. I’ve feared it. I’ve avoided it. Until last night. If there ever was a time to be camped alone, it was now. Instead we were twenty feet from new friends, people we’d only known a short time, with nothing but two thin walls of canvas separating our tiny homes. Up all night, shedding a virus I can only guess I picked up from forgetting to keep my mouth closed in the shower, I didn’t get a wink of sleep.  Once my body was done extracting all it could, I resumed a horizontal position until three in the afternoon. 

Mark’s day, on the other hand, was what Baja dreams are made of. He set out on the water for the first time since arriving in Baja last week and was greeted by more than a dozen dolphins that swam right up to the paddleboard, bumping him, looking right at him. Magic I tell you, this place is pure magic. 

John and Tom, fellow truck campers,  generously invited us over for jambalaya. While I sat out the food I was thrilled to be feeling well enough to go enjoy an evening with new friends. Six of us sat around a beachside palapa sharing stories and feeling equally stoked to be privileged enough to experience all that Baja has to offer.

We called it a night early and I went to bed hopeful that tomorrow would be a better day.  

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