Winter in Baja Day 73: Desert treasures

Rancho Escondido //

Birdsong fills the air this morning.  It’s still cool enough for a down coat but since we’re in the desert I expect the temp to rise noticeably along with the sun.  Meals are available here at Rancho Escondido so we sit in the pavilion that is a few steps from our camp and order breakfast.  Though we’re not entirely sure what it is we’ve ordered from the few options that were verbally provided in Spanish.  A few minutes later plates with beans, pasta salad, and magenta-hued eggs and chorizo are served.  Mark & Josh use the fresh flour tortillas provided to make burritos.  I eat the beans and admittedly pass on most of my eggs to the puppy at my feet who couldn’t be happier about this situation.  I don’t eat gluten, am currently avoiding dairy, and got Montezuma’s Revenge at the start of our trip, all causing me to be less adventurous of an eater than I’d like to be.  

Josh learns from our host that there are cave paintings within hiking distance.  In lieu of a map, Josh is shown where they are by being driven out to the site.  After he returns we gather our hiking gear and set off down the road.  A mile and a half later we arrive at a small mountain made of boulders that have been beautifully sculpted by wind, water, and time.  We crawl inside of a shallow cave to find various animals and objects painted on the walls.  Inside this protected nook we imagine the people that used this place as an ancient haven during hostile weather.  We’ll never know what the paintings mean but it’s no less fascinating to wonder.  Further exploring of the boulders and more paintings leads to shade where we relax and enjoy the views before returning to the heat of the sun and the trail that takes us back to camp.

The afternoon is spent in the shade provided by our truck where we eat our typical lunch of chips and guacamole, jicama tossed in lime and tajin, and a few slices of cheese.  All afternoon we’re accompanied by the three ranch dogs, two adults and a puppy.  I love how often in Mexico I get to pretend to have dogs without actually having dogs.  One of them even remains right at my side for the entirety of my walk around the perimeter of the ranch at sunset.  

The day ends in unanimous agreement, staying here a second night was a great choice.  

Thank you so much to Darci for providing several of the photos in this post. : )

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