Winter in Baja Day 77: The sun is shining, the weather is sweet

Las Animas //

Through the window this morning I spot a clear blue sky and immediately get excited.  I had every intention of getting some work done today but the likelihood of that quickly fades.  The second I step outside the environment draws me in like a moth to a flame.  First, egrets inspire me to grab a camera and sit on the shoreline watching them and their flawless reflections as they hunt for fish.  Next, it’s the crystal clear water in the bay that lures me in to hopping on a paddleboard.  

While Mark is walking the board out to the shallow water, I remind him to shuffle his feet.  I have no idea why I remember right then that stepping on a stingray is a Baja hazard.  We’ve not been good about remembering or practicing this precaution.  Immediately after the words come out of my mouth Mark takes his next step and four rays flee from right in front of his feet.  He may have come as close as you can get to avoiding a painful injury. We both sigh in relief.

Hannah and I set off on the paddleboard and thanks to low tide, the lack of wind, and the clear blue sky we’re able to see an abundance of sea life on the ocean floor that sits only a few feet beneath us.  We see dozens of rays and witness firsthand how easily they’re able to hide themselves in the sand.  And for the first time ever I see a flounder, a large fish that burrows and camouflages itself in the sand to the point of being nearly invisible.  

Mid-day I manage to squeeze in some work while we wait for the channel to our north to fill with water.  Once it’s full we return to our paddleboards and explore the winding waterway that only exists at high tide.  This narrow, protected, temporary little river may be one of my most favorite places I’ve ever paddled.

All day I keep wrangling my mind back to the present.  My monkey mind is far more active than it was when we got to Baja back In December.  I think it’s because the newness of every experience has worn off and everything is more familiar now.  My senses are less stimulated and my mind is more easily able to take over with useless internal chatter.  It takes effort but I’m determined to Be Here Now.  Days like these are too good to not savor.  

Thank you to Darci for taking and sharing some of the photos above. : )

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Photos taken with the Canon R6.
Bird photos taken with the RF 100-400mm.
These are our inflatable paddleboards.

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