Winter in Baja Day 8: A new crew of friends

Bahia de Concepcion //

I wake finally feeling like myself again, hopeful that Montezuma’s Revenge is behind me. On and off rain draws us in to our shared palapa where we enjoy a slow start to the day with Heather & Adam. As often does on Baja time, minutes turn to hours and we’ve not done much besides simply enjoying the serenity of the ocean and each other’s company. 

Come afternoon the clouds are beginning to break and the water is becoming still. With our paddleboard catamaran all assembled and ready to go (which has recently been dubbed “el gato”) it was too enticing not to go out. Heather & Adam hopped in their pack rafts, we boarded El Gato, and we drifted off in search of sea life. Our eyes glued to the crystal clear water beneath us, we saw all kinds of fish, though no dolphins which I was dreaming of after Mark’s experience the previous day. But being in the company of new friends, that seem to enjoy life’s simple pleasures as much as we do, was just as good. 

On the way back to camp we pulled up along the shore where there was an abundance of driftwood and procured ourselves some firewood. When we arrived back at camp our beach with three Four Wheel Camper residents had grown to 4. Our friends Josh & Darci, who we met in Baja last year, had arrived. We’ve been talking about camping together since we first met and to our delight our paths were finally converging. 

As dusk turned to twilight Mark kicked up the fire and 9 new friends, each with a chair in hand, gathered around for the perfect Baja evening. I never would have thought a truck camper could bring people together but here we were with a whole Four Wheel Camper crew that came together in the most random of ways.  

Never have I made friends easier. By simply living my life, doing what I love, and not being afraid to march to the beat of my own drum, I’ve come to learn that you’ll attract others doing exactly the same.  

As is standard in Baja, I went to bed shaking my head in gratitude thinking “what a day”. 

gear mentioned or used in this post that we love…

Drone photos taken with the DJI Mini.
Land- based photos taken with the Canon R6.
The 28-70mm 2.0 is our favorite and most used lens.
These paddleboards are what we used to make our electric paddleboard boat.
These are Adam & Heather’s packrafts that pack up pretty compact to fit inside their truck camper.

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