Winter in Baja Day 9: Becoming a caravan of 3

Bahia de Concepcion //

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes this morning was the silence, meaning the water was perfectly still. Make tea, coffee, hop aboard our paddleboard catamaran. No better way to welcome the sunrise on a day like today. 

We returned to camp a while later with plans to pack up and head to town for restocking before venturing in to the desert tomorrow. But the conversation kept flowing, every dog was in heaven, and the sublime weather was taunting us to stay. So over the course of several hours we cooked breakfast, did dishes, packed, took a group photo, and said goodbye to John and Tom. Though, to my delight, we weren’t saying goodbye to Heather & Adam or Josh, Darci & Hannah, our next adventure was just getting started. 

We left the beach in a caravan of 3. In that moment my heart swelled. We’ve never traveled with other Four Wheel Camper owners and all of a sudden we’d assembled a group of full-time travelers that all found themselves together in Baja in their FWCs primed and ready for whatever the road had in store. Our shared goal at the moment, find somewhere beautiful and quiet to spend the holiday weekend. Today we’d resupply in Mulege, tomorrow we’d head for the mountains. 

As we drove beside the shoreline, with two new friends following behind and an adventurous weekend ahead, tears fell from my eyes unexpectedly but unsurprisingly. 2023 was a hard year. A really hard year. I hadn’t felt this happy in many months and that moment of immense joy felt like a drug. A reminder that life can be so good, and that there are people and places in this world that will comfort and heal you, though you may never know when, where, or with whom. 

Navigating Mulege’s narrow streets with a full-size truck and trailer is extremely difficult but Mark handled it like a pro. With food and water acquired we were set and ready to meet at our rendezvous spot for the night. An easy-to-access beach with just enough room for a our three rigs to nestle in to the back corner. We huddled around the wind-blocked side of our trailer in a circle of camp chairs and let hours of deep conversation flow with ease. 

As everyone retreated to their respective homes, Mark and I went for a long walk beneath the bright light of a waxing moon to decompress and process our gratitude for the life we live. We’re only one week in to what will likely be many months in Baja and yet if I had to go home today, I’d be wholly satisfied.  But wait, I am home. What a beautiful thing. 

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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