Winter in Baja Days 52-56: A little hiatus

A casita in Los Barilles //

As the third night in this comfortable little casita approached we had a decision to make, stay a fourth night or leave in the morning.  Our kind hosts were flexible and no formal reservation of any kind had been made.  It was then that Mark told me if we stayed 6 nights the 7th night was free. I hardly pondered the idea when he said “I think we should do it”.  And I’m so glad he did.  While I thought I was on the mend,  a relentless cough had taken hold and my energy had yet to return.  I, admittedly, can be pretty stubborn when I’m sick, so I wasn’t about to acknowledge the need for rest.  Luckily, Mark always knows what I need.  So we stayed.

It was then that I decided to take a break from writing every day.  I knew life was about to slow way down as we welcomed some mundanity and I wasn’t about to bore you, or me, with the repetitive details.

For five days we easily fell in to a rhythm of cooking, working, and resting.  We would walk a block to the beach when we needed some fresh air or a block in the opposite direction to the produce stand when we needed groceries.  Each day was a dance between sitting on the bed and looking at a laptop, sitting on the couch and looking at a laptop, or sitting at the table, and, you guessed it, looking at a laptop.  While the screen time was draining, we each got the opportunity to tackle some big projects that required hours of our focused attention.  Something that is impossible to do when camped on a beach.

All week we stayed in touch with Josh & Darci in hopes of reconnecting in the coming week.  But even though they’ve been at a beach no more than a half a day’s drive from here, they’ve felt a world away.  Living in our truck camper and spending our winters in Baja is such a monumental dream realized that being removed from it in even the smallest way, like we have been this week, makes me feel like it was all just a dream that I’ve suddenly woken up from.  These last 7 days, in this little casita in the middle of Los Barilles, has given us the opportunity to step back and look at our life and admire everything it has become. We can’t wait to get back on the road tomorrow and see where it takes us.

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