Winter in Baja Days 70 & 71: A different kind of vibe

San Ignacio  //

This campground is so wonderfully mellow, even when it’s full of campers.  For the majority of our two days here we remain near our campsite while lots of coming and going happens all around us.  75% off the campground departs in the morning hours until a handful of hours later when it fills back in with new arrivals.  Part of me wants to go ask everyone where they’ve been and where they’re headed, the other part of me feels like a shy little kid that’s nervous to be surrounded by so many new people.  Josh & Darci arrived the day after us. We enjoy our time here in the comfortable little cocoon of our friendship while watching the buzz of campers that surround us.

The campground and town square has a completely different vibe this time of year than when we were last here in December.  Many more tourists are present (it’s whale season) and full-time travelers like us are harder to find.  We take note that December may be our favorite month for travel in Baja.  It’s quiet and most of the people traveling at that time of year are other nomads like us, and we really enjoy being surrounded by those like-minds.  While this season in Baja is beginning to wind down for us, it’s observations like these that are helping shape our return in the not too distant future.

While pondering our next destination the four of us collectively decide to set out on yet another desert adventure rather than taking the highway. As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, if there’s a remote, out of the way route to get somewhere, that’s our road of choice. I can’t wait to see what we see.

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We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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