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A day in the life: relocating from Wickenburg to Wickenburg


I woke up yesterday morning with a singular goal, get outside.  The forecast was calling for 40mph winds beginning at noon, followed by overcast skies, cool temps, and on and off rain for the next three days.  This meant all the doors and windows of our RV would not be open for several days and so getting outside and soaking up the sun was imperative. I hiked a few miles around camp...

Six weeks in the Verde Valley


A few years ago, I never could have imagined us camping in the same area for six weeks.  Our house has wheels so that we can move.  Why would we stay put for a month and a half?  I think it has to do with a lack of urgency.  When we owned a house and went on trips in our truck camper, there was always an end date.  Whether the trip was a week long or a month long, there...

All the weird & random things that happened in Ajo


I actually kept a list. By the time the third weird/random thing happened I decided it was time to keep tabs. It started with the night we genuinely thought the world might be ending. I’d stepped outside for a moment when a wildly bright light in the sky quickly caught my eye. Bright enough it was casting shadows. Yet it seemed to be quite a ways away. We spotted a smoke trail behind it and then...

This is winter in the desert


In January we spent two glorious weeks at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. It would have been great all on its own but the fact that Claire & Brandon came to share a week with us made it that much better. Our lifestyles so easily and seamlessly blend when we’re all together. And the ways in which we bring ingredients together to make decadent meals without ANY pre-planning…well, it makes our...

Two months on the road after the busiest year of our lives


Back in 2017 when Mark was offered the job he has now, it took us a year to decide if it was the right move for us. We knew that no longer being business partners would change everything. And it has. Last year, more times than I can count, one of us was walking in the door from a work trip just as the other was on the way out of town. What made it all okay was knowing at the end of the year we...

Our rules of the road plus stops in Prescott NF & Oatman, AZ


From Cottonwood the plan was to make our way back to Havasu where our new lift kit and shock kit were waiting installation.  It’s a simple 240 mile drive primarily via Interstate 40.  If Google showed you the way, it would only take you 4 hours to make the trip.  But we have a few rules and they don’t in any way correspond with Google’s calculations.  Our...

Returning to (and flying around) Cottonwood, AZ


We enjoyed our previous stay in Cottonwood so much that we decided to return and meet up with Mark’s parents who decided to drive out from Iowa to visit us.  We enjoyed a week of perfect weather, delectable food and more exploring around the area.  We called Dead Horse Ranch State Park home once again and enjoyed the park just as much, if not more than the last time.  While in Cottonwood...

Getting an adrenaline rush @ Picacho Peak State Park

picacho peak state park

January somehow turned in to a month of far too much paid campground camping.  I think back in November, when I made the reservations, I was worried about us needing to have plans and having reservations is the best way to know you’ve got a spot waiting for you.  Problem is, the cost adds up and reservations kill the ability to be spontaneous.  But it’s all a learning curve. ...

Eating our way thru Bisbee, AZ


A few years ago I stumbled upon some photos of Bisbee, Arizona and ever since then I’ve wanted to visit this one-of-a-kind little town.  I admittedly know so little about Arizona for having grown up here and Bisbee looked to be unlike any town I’d ever seen in The Grand Canyon State.  Bisbee is not on your way to or from anywhere, unless you’re headed to Sonora, Mexico. ...

6 days of boondocking bliss in the Arizona wilderness


A few weeks back I wrote about the 10 elements to the perfect boondocking campsite.  At the end of that article I mentioned that we rarely find spots with all 10 items on our wish list.  Well, a few weeks back, we hit the boondocking lottery with this one.  It took some effort to find this place and when we arrived, we knew we wouldn’t want to leave any time soon.  Our spot was nestled up...


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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